Turbo Exhaust Housing Change


Tools & Items Required:
Wrench set Brake clean and rags
WD-40 Antiseize

Changing a turbo exhaust housing can either be super easy or super hard if its seized on. But for some one who has never done it before this write up is for you. Lets say you have a .68 exhaust housing that you was running on your stockish 302 turbo mustang and now you have a 331 with heads, cam, intake, etc... and you want to upgrade to a .81 exhaust housing. Follow the install below and you'll be surprised how easy it is to change the housings yourself.

1- Take a wrench and loosen up the 6 exhaust housing bolts


2 - Once all the bolts are loose then take them all out by hand. You may have to rotate the turbo housing a little here and there to get certain bolts all the way out. Once you get the bolts out put them and the plates to the side.

3 - Now lift the compressor housing up and you'll pull the compressor half of the turbo rite out of the exhaust housing. If the housing is stuck then use some wd-40 and a soft blow hammer to loosen it some.

4 - Now take your new housing and set it flat on your work area just like you had your other housing sitting. Take the compressor side of the turbo and drop it rite where it came out of the last housing. make sure the turbo is seated all the way in the exhaust housing and now you can start putting your exhaust housing hardware back on.

5 - Now start running down the bolts till there snug. Once there all ran down lightly, rotate the center section so that it will have the oil feed on the top when its mounted. once that is done finish tightening down all the bolts and your done. Now that was pretty easy. ( most torque spec are 20 foot pounds for the exhaust housing bolts)

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