Pony Down
"safe tune turbo chip"


Tools Required:
Phillips screwdriver
10mm & 9/32 socket
1/4 ratchet & extension
t10 & t15 torx bit

1) Fill up with premium pump gas
2) Set timing to 8* with timing spout out
3) Remove passenger side kick panel
4) Turn key off and remove computer
5) Take sticker or plug off the J3 port on the bottom of the computer
6) Take off the cover on the computer to properly clean the J3 port
7) Gently rub a scotchbrite pad on the connectors to remove the protective coating.
8) Now clean the connectors with brake clean or another mild solvent.
9) Plug in Pony Down chip onto the J3 port
10) Put cover back on computer and reinstall it.
11) Start up car and your done!



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